Mobile Sandblasting Southern California

Sandblasting is a necessary endeavor for many home and business owners across the country. This process helps those who are looking to restore or clean up their property. As you know, sandblasting has the ability to remove any coating from any particular surface. 

Mobile Sandblasting SoCal has been responsible for cleaning and restoring some of the most arduous and difficult surfaces. In addition, we’re completely ready to do the same for more of our esteemed customers in Southern California.

What’s more, is that we only employ dustless blasting technology. It is the new, popular,  and effective way to blast surfaces. Dustless blasting, as you may know, is not only innovative - it’s also much safer than standard sandblasting. It doesn’t create airborne dust, it doesn’t warp thin metal, and it happens to be even as affordable. It can also even save time, as dustless blasting can be applied with inhibitors to ready a paint surface.

Also, we maintain that we’re one of the most trustworthy and thorough mobile blasting companies in southern California. We are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done! Below are some of the common applications for our mobile, dustless blasting. 


If you’re considering dustless blasting, there’s a good chance that you may want to restore something. We understand that this takes a lot of work, and this may take a lot of time. With dustless blasting, you can cut that time down significantly. Paint removal, as well as primer, can take weeks. However, with the innovative dustless blasting, you can quickly get rid of paint, primer, filler, rust, and any undercoating!

We also love the fact that our dustless blasting doesn’t require all the heat and sand that can be detrimental to metal. Warping is your enemy, and traditional blasters have long been known to do that. You will feel completely comfortable for use for automotive - whether it’s for your customers or for your own benefit. Either way, you’ll be completely satisfied with the results in dustless blasting.

Restoring you or your client’s vehicle is a serious undertaking. Get some of that time back with dustless blasting from Mobile Sandblasting SoCal. 

Graffiti and Paint Removal

Graffiti can be an eyesore. It can be difficult to remove it from the surface. Traditional sandblasting seems to be reasonably effective, though we’re finding out that dustless blasting is truly the future. Unlike traditional sandblasting, you won’t have to worry about dustless sandblasters damaging the surface of whatever it makes contact with. Our methods at Mobile Sandblasting SoCal also allows us to handle what needs to be handled without breaking the bank - just removing the graffiti.

The pressure and flow that we use for dustless blasting are easily adjustable, making this a great choice for brick, wood, concrete, and more. For the customer, this means that you won’t have to worry whether you’ll have too much paint stripped off, nor will you have to worry whether or not your materials are safe. That said, paint removal is one of its specialties.

Dustless blasting is also eco-friendly, efficient in terms of media used, and will make short work out of any graffiti that may be on any part of your walls or any other material where you may have found the unsightly art. 


Sandblasting wood can be tricky. It’s difficult to do and can be downright destructive. Mobile Sandblasting SoCal is a mobile sandblasting service that employs mobile dustless blasting to assure that your wood retains its integrity. Most of this is due to how gentle the sandblasting can be, featuring adjustable pressure and flow that gets the job done right. 

What’s more impressive is our sandblasting methods can tackle jobs both large and small. If you have a few pieces of antique wood - great! We can easily get it done. The same can be said if you happen to have a large log cabin - there really isn’t much of a difference. This is thanks to a variety of nozzles and pressures that can step in and assist!

With our process, we feel comfortable working with any wood. Patios, decks, antique pieces, furniture, and more can easily be blasted safely and effectively. Wood etching is another one of our specialties at Dustless Sandblasting SoCal. 


Boat blasting services are easily completed by Mobile Sandblasting SoCal. As a boat owner, you know how important it is to keep a boat clean as possible at all times. However, this can prove difficult in choosing a service, especially when you consider the operational cost of a boat to keep it sea-worthy. 

In southern California, you won’t find it difficult to find a “sandblasting service near me” that will come to you and blast your boat. We prefer our methods to others because of what we use as opposed to what many of them do.

Dustless blasting allows us to be more versatile, efficient, and thorough in our process. We think there are three things that separate us from the other guys, namely in our eco-friendly option, safe to use on all surfaces, and its ability to handle any coating on any boat without damaging it in the least. 

Our reduced dust plume keeps all surrounding areas clean while they work, dustless blasting keeps your materials (such as fiberglass, steel, or aluminum) from warping, and our blasting methods can remove handle paint removal, epoxy, and heavy marine growth without much of an issue at all.

Industrial Sandblasting

Heavy equipment cleaning can be especially difficult when you consider the industrial-strength coatings that are generally used. This can create issues for those companies who rely on sandblasting to keep their machinery clean and operational. 

Mobile Sandblasting SoCal’s methods in dustless blasting is a perfect fit for all heavy industrial equipment because it has the power and flexibility to remove all coatings with various pressure levels and nozzles. 

Dustless blasting will also keep your machines from warping as it doesn’t require the same amount of friction and heat. Furthermore, you’ll find a greatly reduced downtime since it uses less blasting media. We all know that downtime with any heavy equipment can mean lost time in production. Having less cleanup will have your equipment back up and operational in just a fraction of the time.  

We want every customer to have their equipment blasted quickly and at a price that doesn’t; break the bank. Mostly, we want to make sure that the heavy equipment will be able to get back to work without the company losing too much time, and therefore, money because they need their equipment clean. Keep in mind, if your pool is becoming a major issue and you and your family are no longer enjoying it, you have options.  Our partners down in san diego are 5 star rated and have no problem coming out to give you a quote for pool removal .

Oceanside Sand Blasting

Sandblasting in Oceanside doesn’t have to be difficult. We understand that there are plenty of sandblasting opportunities in the city, and it won’t be hard to find someone to remove sealant, return an item to its original luster, or prime that item for painting. 

We believe that all three of these pursuits are great and we suggest you choose a mobile sandblasting service that not only fits within your budget, but also one that uses methods and materials that are on the cutting edge.

Dustless blasting is a top-notch and innovative method. Our Oceanside clients enjoy the less mess involved with dustless blasting, the reduction of heat and friction that eliminates warping, and the variety of pressure levels to assure that your boat, machinery, building etc. to keep it safe and operational. 

Also, when you consider a dustless blasting service like ours, you don’t have to worry about making too much of a fuss when we come to your home or place or business. In short, we take the worry out of your sandblasting job and leave you with a job well done, as we have for a number of clients in the Oceanside area.

San Diego Sandblasting

If you’re in need of sandblasting in San Diego, we’re a company that has long been associated with eco-friendly, thorough, and safe sand blasting. We’re a company that will come to you, perform the job without breaking the bank, and leave almost as quickly as we came - leaving you with something to be proud of.  

Just like in every other service area, we offer the whole suite of services listed above as we have for more than 10 years. Our company should serve well for your purposes - including jobs large and small. 

Temecula Sandblasting

If you’re a resident of Temecula - you’re in luck! We love our customers in the city and can’t wait to connect with new home and business owners alike. Of all of the sandblasting companies in Temecula, we stand apart because we’re a truly local dustless blasting service who understands the needs of home and business owners in the city, as many of us live in Temecula ourselves. 

Dustless sandblasting in Temecula is a safe and affordable process. Since its a new spin on traditional sandblasting, many people think it costs more. Nothing could be further from the truth. We pride ourselves in taking the most affordable rate when we set our prices, though we offer much more. You won’t have to worry about the standard issues when you get something sandblasted. 

Just like in San Diego, Oceanside, and Escondido, you’re getting great technicians who know what they’re doing. They’re exemplary in their work, they’re polite, and get the job done. 

Escondido Sandblasting

We offer the best in automotive, graffiti, wood, marine, industrial, and refinery sand blasting in Escondido. We can’t wait to show you the true difference in dustless blasting as well as the people we employ to bring you the results. We’re mobile, available, and we promise to leave your property in much better shape than we found it. 

If you’re interested, please contact us now for any and all of the above services! We’re truly here to help all home and business owners!

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