Commercial and Automotive Sandblasting

Automotive sandblasting can potentially be a huge undertaking. Usually, this is something that can take a few hours up to even a few weeks to have it done. If any home or business owner is going to be safe and thorough with their work, it means that they have to be a bit more meticulous in choosing a company. 

Car restoration isn’t always cheap or easy, so it pays to do your due diligence to make sure that you’re selecting the right people for the job.

One of the better things about sandblasting in Southern California is that you do have some of the most talented sandblasting technicians in the country. However, they all have different processes and some of them may not work out for you or what your particular automotive restoration needs. 

Or, worse, they may simply not show up with the ability to handle the task. Click here for more industrial work!

This will always be a concern, though many have found a remedy in Mobile Sandblasting SoCal, a company who understands how to protect your investment, do great work, and consistently show up when you need them to. We take pride in this, and we’ll explain a bit more about our process and why dustless sandblasting will probably be right for you.

Why Dustless Automotive Sandblasting?

Dustless sandblasting, in the past few years, has become one of the most interesting and exciting technologies in sandblasting. There are a number of home and business owners that appreciate dustless sandblasting because it presents a bit more flexibility in the industry. 

Most everyone knows someone who has had something destroyed because of sandblasting. There could be a number of reasons for this - may be the media was a bit more caustic, maybe the pressure was too high and wasn’t able to be adjusted, or maybe the operator didn’t really know what they were doing.

For whatever reason, the sandblasting wasn’t particularly great. Dustless blasting, and the technicians who operate the blaster, don’t suffer from the same deficiencies that are generally found in traditional sandblasting. By its very invention, you won’t have to worry about it being too rough on your vehicles. 

Dustless blasting allows for you to essentially work on just about anything that you may have with little to no adjustment, which is something that basically everyone can get some enjoyment out of. At the very least, you will enjoy how versatile the instrument can be.

Dustless Blasting Saves Time

We’re all about saving time, right? When you think of sandblasting, you generally don’t consider it to be something that you’re done with quickly - especially if you need it for a vehicle of some type. In fact, you generally have to be on the lower end of things, lest you end up creating some issues with the media harming your (or your client’s!) vehicle. 

This is definitely counterproductive if you’re restoring something. While it’s true that you’re not always going to be in a time crunch, there’s nothing wrong with getting something done quickly if you can also assure that you’re getting it done right.

Dustless automotive sandblasting can help save time in a myriad of ways. First, it allows you to remove paint, rust, body filler, powder coating, and even chrome without having to do too much changing out or set up. It also leaves the vehicle down to primer ready surface with just a bit of change to the media. 

Furthermore, with dustless automotive sandblasting, you won’t really have a lot of cleanup after the job is done, so you’re saving time by not having to do a lot of tidying up after. It’s virtually a pretty seamless process that was designed to be quick, affordable, and eco-friendly. In that way - dustless blasting is impressive!

Dustless Automotive Sandblasting Protects Your Investment

Regardless of whether or not you’re working for yourself or on behalf of a customer in a restoration business, there’s always a need to have your investment protected and that’s exactly what dustless sandblasting does. 

More often than not, sandblasting has issues with warping due to the way that the machines are constructed. Our machines aren’t known for warping or damaging the metal in any way. It just produces world-renowned results at an affordable rate. 

Since it also takes much less in terms of time allotment, you should really start to see some savings in addition to the dustless blaster treating your vehicles with a white glove. 

Tough Enough for Substantial Paint Removal

While we understand that you want something that will assist your car’s restoration to make it go quickly and professionally, but also something that will work. It’s true that many eco-friendly options aren’t as strong as some of the more traditional methods. Dustless blasting doesn’t use heat and friction to remove coating and paint, but it does remove them through a patented abrasion and dustless system. 

This system - where it lacks toxic chemicals - does make up for in strength and ability. It can easily remove paint, primer, bodily filler, rust, and undercoating. All of these things have been known to take quite a few hours to remove all on their own, but it’s simply not the case here. With a great technician through Mobile Sandblasting SoCal, you can have all of this done through just a fraction of the time. 

Why Choose Us?

Mobile Sandblasting SoCal is a company who really understands the needs of the consumer in Southern California. Since we live here, we try our best to be productive members of the community by providing home and business owners an honest, eco-friendly solution through sandblasting. It’s in our best interest to provide a customer-friendly, thorough, and expertly crafted experience from beginning to end.

We’re a dustless blasting service of over 10 years. We don’t believe in cutting corners, providing shoddy work, or anything else that would leave a bad taste in your mouth. Check out our homepage. We truly aim to be your new sandblasting outfit, and if you contact us today, you’ll see the difference between what we can provide as opposed to our competition.

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