Boat and Marine Sandblasting 

Whether for business or pleasure, we surely understand how important your boat is to you. Regardless of if you own two or twenty boats, a boat working as it should bring unmatched joy. As a Southern Californian, this is probably something that you understand more than most people in our great country. Boat maintenance is supremely important to those in the know. You understand that this isn’t necessarily something that you can just hire anybody to do. Marine sandblasting is not easy. 

Firstly, most things to replace or repair on a boat can be expensive, or it can be if it’s not done properly. Thankfully, sandblasting can be done incorrectly and can prove to be quite expensive if you’re not careful. It’s for this reason that we’d like to throw our names into the ring here. We offer our dustless blasting services - an eco-friendly service that’s truly the future.

Protect Your Investment

All in all, it’s about protecting your investment. Let’s face it - boats can be wildly expensive. If improperly treated, you’re going to end up paying much more if not selling the boat outright. Traditional marine sandblasting is generally fine for many boats, but there are more than enough limitations if you have a boat of a certain material. Unfortunately, traditional sandblasting may warp the exterior of your boat due to heat. It may even strip your boat of its coating in some cases. 

Whether you’re using a boat commercially or as a hobbyist, this isn’t something that anyone should look forward to. In addition,  compare this with the litany of sandblasting companies out there, you can end up with a general mess overall. Choosing dustless blasting will assure that you’re not worried about the condition of your boat will be in, and considering that our service gives us the opportunity to come to you, there’s an additional peace of mind involved. For any wood sandblasting projects you may have check us out! 

Dustless Blasting: Eco-Friendly, Clean, and Hassle-free Marine Sandblasting

There are a few things that aren’t advertised enough about dustless blasting. Firstly, if you’ve ever used traditional sandblasters in the past, you know that they can be a bit of a hassle. Even outside of the potential damage that they could do to your boat, the time it takes is more than enough to consider an alternative. 

Outside of the operational time from start to finish, you’ll find yourself cleaning up a lot of media spills that come from the machine itself. If you combine that with the potential health hazards of using a sandblaster, then you’re probably just not having a good time - even if you’re hiring a company to do it.

Dustless blasting doesn’t put contaminants in the air as the sandblaster does, nor does it even take the same amount of time. Dustless blasting can be as thorough (if not more) than marine sandblasting while not taking the same amount of time.time. This allows you to get back to what you’re doing without having to wait for the amount of time for the sandblaster to do its thing.

Even more, with a dustless blaster, it’s important for any boat owner to know that you have plenty of flexibility. With a variety of different nozzles, media,  pressures, and hoses, you get a versatile option that allows you to deal with all boat types as well as coatings for those boats.

Insist on a Certified Company

As with anything, you want to make sure that you’re hiring the right people. While we can talk about how impressive a dustless blasting is, it has to be used in good hands. We always insist on any potential client to use a contractor that has a trusted record. 

You’ll always be able to find someone in the Southern California area to spray your boat. However,  it’s not advisable for anyone who is truly trying to protect their investment. 

It always pays to do your homework. Not only should they be able to prove that they can operate in the state of California. They should also come with plenty of references, reviews, and should be able to seamlessly walk you through their process. These should clearly state how long it's going to take and how much it will cost. Not all marine sandblasting companies are created equal, even if the service seems to be virtually the same. 

How What We Do Marine Sandblasting

For a number of years, we have been providing dustless blasting solutions to many happy home and business owners. We provide the marine sandblasting solutions they need at a price that they can afford. We’re a dustless blasting service who present ourselves with a level of trustworthiness. We offer professionalism, and friendliness that isn’t always available in this industry. 

We’re also thoroughly experienced in providing our services. We provide them to commercial and hobby boats for those who understand the difference between a job being done and a job well done. We’re not one to cut corners, nor are we the ones willing to compromise the environment in doing so. We promise that you will appreciate the job that we do. That's because we understand what it takes to be a truly local company. 

As people who live here, we appreciate how valuable it is to have a company that operates well above board. This includes working within the best practices of our industry. We hope that you appreciate what we have to offer in marine solutions, automotive, graffiti removal, and more.

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