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As a San Diegan, you understand the number of choices you have in possible sandblasting choices. You have a car that you need to restore? Maybe a boat that you haven’t gotten blasted? Mobile Sandblasting SoCal has been a service that’s been willing to handle even the most modest of jobs. For over ten years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with all southern Californians in a pursuit to be one of the more comprehensive sandblasting outfits. 

We’ve had stellar results. Our pursuits have been the same since our inception - provide a service in which we can be proud to call our own. Most importantly, as residents of San Diego and the surrounding areas, we rely on home and business owners to provide a level of service that we, as tight-knit of a community as we are, deserve as we provide.

Dustless Blasting vs. Traditional Blasting

San Diego is a city where you’ll run into a fair amount of sandblasting companies, almost all being the traditional option. Traditional blasting is a method that, while effective, can be problematic as far as heat and abrasive sand goes. More importantly, it can cause warping, general damage, and a whole lot of headaches. If you are located in north county be sure to check in with our Escondido Branch!

Furthermore, it can cause some issues as far as versatility is concerned. This is where the problem lies - while you can do a lot with traditional sandblasting, newer and more innovative methods means that you don’t have to deal with the associated drawbacks.

Dustless sandblasting is essentially everything that you’re getting out of regular sandblasting, but you’re not dealing with the negatives. It’s strong without being too abrasive, it’s efficient without creating hazardous dust plumes, it’s effective enough without needing an operator being out there all day. 

Most importantly, if you’ve ever sandblasted something pretty significant, you understand that it may take days to get the job done. In dustless blasting, it’s honestly pretty rare to see someone using a dustless blaster a fraction of the amount of time usually devoted to traditional sandblasters. 

The Eco-Friendly Option for Dangerous Tasks

Firstly, we all understand how important health is. In addition to us wanting to feel our best, we’re also increasingly concerned about the health of the environment. Sadlly, it’s an unfortunate truth that sandblasting is nothing short of a hazard. 

By the job’s very nature, it’s important that you hire someone who does their very best to mitigate any dust, chemicals, and other nefarious substances and agents that may spew up during its operation. Through the use of water, dustless blasting does its very best in keeping these things suppressed. Unfortunately, regular sandblasting can do very little to address this issue.

Dustless sandblasting makes it as safe as possible to operate for the personnel, too. For example, if you’re removing asbestos, there’s a high chance that it’ll plume into the air. Overall, this carcinogen has long been associated with some of the developed world’s worst problems. Those who remove asbestos have counted on dustless blasting because they understand that the machine is designed to contain and successfully abate asbestos. 

Lastly, if dustless blasting is trusted to remove deadly asbestos, it’s reasonable to assume that it can safely and responsibly handle anything from an environmental standpoint. 

Commercial, Residential, and More

As earlier stated, dustless blasting has more than enough ability to handle whatever you throw at it. If you work around heavy machinery, you understand how tough some of the coatings can be. The eco-friendly dustless sandblaster can easily obliterate any of these industrial-strength coatings without breaking a sweat. What’s more, is that it doesn’t do it to the point of warping or damaging the machine - just what the doctor ordered.

The same can be said about car restoration, graffiti removal, industrial sandblasting work, powder coating, fleet vehicles, and even offshore work.

While on the residential sandblasting side of things, you can expect this same level of strength and care. While it’s true that you probably won’t need a dustless blaster to strip some heavy equipment, you'll still need something that will be as effective as it is gentle. In addition, if you have a classic car that you’re trying to prime for paint or some antique wood that you need to prepare, the dustless blaster will be versatile enough to change from obliteration machine to a more guided and controlled experience. 

In addition, with a series of nozzles, hoses, and pressures - you can have exactly the experience you want. There’s no sense in using a one-size-fit all solution here.

Insist on Local

We don’t have any issues with national chains. We also, understand that they do some really great work across the country. However, we have always believed that you should support your local companies that have similar - if not better solutions. We at Mobile Sandblasting SoCal have always been proponents of not just making business connections, but connections with people who live, work and play where we do. It’s with this in mind that we have built our family-owned business. However, there are some things that local businesses give you that national brands will not.

Overall, local companies generally will give you the level of customer service that you should expect. We’re more willing to understand your needs and desires. Furthermore, we’re always going to be there when you need us. Local companies will generally give you results within a few hours as opposed to a few days or weeks. Furthermore, if you’re ever to need something immediately, it’s usually best to utilize a local company because they’ll not only be able to furnish it quickly - but they’ll enjoy it more, too.

As a company that has grown up where you have, we appreciate every home and business owner who likes to fortify the local economy. More information visit Mobile Blasting So Cal.

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Lastly, if you’re looking for the newest technology in sandblasting, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Our trusted local company will always produce the results that you want. All in all, our locally owned and operated company can get you on the schedule as soon as possible!

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